In 1983 Guidi Fernando, Travagli Giovanni and Travali Sante
founded the F.G.S. l.t.d. creating one of the most important

processes for the recovery and recycling of scrap metal and
ferrous materials.

Since 1998 we offer a means its all over, for the recovery and
non-hazardous disposal of waste and treatment of packaging.

Subsequently our intense focus on both customer satisfaction
and respect for the environment has led us to sharpen our
techniques and service delivery abilities needed to stay on
track in a market that is continuously evolving, thus
spearheading us to successfully enhance our areas of
competence. The commercial seriousness with the experience
gained over the years, led the F.G.S. l.t.d. to improve over time its
position on the >national market of trade and recovery of ferrous
and metal scrap, as well as actually suitable for the resolution of
environmental issues that from time to time the market ahead.
Especially in this area, where there are treated raw materials,
heavy materials, ferrous and metal scrap often also of great
dimension, the waste treatment is an important issue that
should not be underestimated, with great reflexes on the
environment. The waste is not a problem for us: it is an
opportunity. It 's our job and we do it for years, always in step
with the new technologies and new techniques.